Are you happy with your practice’s financial performance? Not sure where to begin?

  • What are your average days in A/R?  We can keep yours to an industry-beating 20 or fewer.
  • How many of your claims get paid?  We’ll take your denial rate below 6%
  • Have you looked at your net collection rate?  We’ll help you improve it to 95% and beyond.
  • How many charges do your billing staff or company review before sending to insurance?  We’ll check every single one.
  • Have you recently started offering telemedicine services? Let us help you bill correctly! 

Coding, billing, and collections are critical to maintaining a healthy practice.

The effort of ensuring that they’re being done correctly is both challenging and time-consuming.

As a physician-owned company, we understand the nuances of running a practice.

We’re here to serve as a trusted billing advisor and seamless extension of your practice, giving you the freedom to focus on patient care.

Our team of proven experts act as your partners to maximize the collection of revenue you earn for the services you provide through comprehensive charge review, efficient denial management, and dedicated pursuit of the full payment due. We diligently research coding, billing, and reimbursement updates from payers so our clients can maximize their return.

Your patients deserve the best of you. We’ll focus on your financial health so you can focus on the health of your patients.

How speroMD Helps Physicians

Outperforms the health care billing industry’s key performance indicator benchmarks

Processes clean claims efficiently, reducing days in A/R and increasing cash flow

Performs timely billing, revenue and other critical analyses

Provides complete transparency of information and our processes

Remains accessible and available to support the needs of the practice leadership

Customizes our approach to fit the culture of your office

Frees up more time for physician owners to focus on patient care

We Give Practice Managers Their Time Back

As a physician-owned company, we respect the varied responsibilities of practice managers. We partner with you to become an extension of the practice and will assist you in achieving business success.

How speroMD Helps Practice Managers

Provides management of billing functions, from charge review to payment posting

Collaborates with you to customize our approach to best meet the unique needs of your practice

Assigns an accessible, knowledgeable account manager to provide prompt responses to your needs

Takes time with your patients to offer helpful explanations of their statements and financial responsibilities during the collections process

Performs timely billing, revenue and other critical analyses

Assists in the training needs of front-end staff to ensure an optimal revenue cycle

Partners with you to navigate the health care industry’s changing landscape and its effects on independent practices


Who We Are

speroMD is a physician-owned, revenue cycle management company designed to optimize your financial performance. Driven by their own successes at medical billing, speroMD was founded by a group of business-minded physicians to share their expertise with other independent physician groups. We empower practices to maintain their independence.

What We Do

We act as a seamless extension of your practice, enabling you to spend more time devoted to the care of your patients. We understand the critical need for fast, flawless medical billing. Our goal is to efficiently facilitate the payments owed to physicians for the services performed. We support physicians in their efforts to maintain their independence by providing a full suite of revenue cycle management services.

Why Switch to speroMD?

Why Switch to speroMD?

Our key performance indicators exceed industry standards.

We are physician owned and operated, which provides us with a unique understanding of the challenges your practice faces.

We are innovators within the health care industry, always seeking cost-efficient techniques to create a larger return for our clients’ practices.

The speroMD customer service experience is attentive and responsive. We take the utmost care in serving you and your patients.

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