09 Nov “Why Doctors Hate Their Computers”

We received the latest release from healthcare visionary and thought leader, Atul Gawande this week – Why Doctors Hate Their Computers.  I’m sure the title alone resonates with many clinicians.  In his practice, Gawande uses Epic, so he makes several Epic references throughout the piece, but his message is related to electronic health records in general, their effect on the way physicians practice, and the way this shift in practice affects physicians’ quality of time spent with their patients, and their quality of life overall.  There are certain benefits to patients that come with the aggregation and sharing of data.  However, he also draws a correlation between physician time spent in front of a computer and physician burnout.

This is a very interesting piece, and suggests possible paths we’re headed down in the future in response to the challenges that have cropped up in physician practice related to electronic medical records.

Read the full article HERE.

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