23 Aug What are your patients saying about you?

Patients are at the heart of your practice. Understanding their perception of their experiences with you and your staff is essential to keeping your practice healthy.

Giving patients the opportunity to express their thoughts to you directly allows you and your practice management the ability to address any issues immediately. You can also give kudos to your staff when a patient mentions a positive experience, which is a huge morale booster.

Here are a few ways to solicit feedback from your patients:

  • In-office patient kiosks
  • Handheld tablets
  • Comment cards
  • Emails sent to patients encouraging them to fill out your own survey or write an online review (you can     direct them to particular platforms to review on as well such as Yelp, Healthgrades, or Facebook)
  • Online programs such as Survey Monkey
  • You can also work with full-service agencies that build your online presence through patient reviews and feedback


Word of mouth has always been important to growing a practice, and is even more crucial in the age of social media. Patients want to be heard, and everyone appreciates it when their opinions are solicited and considered.

Let your patients know that you and your staff are committed to ensuring they always get the best care available, and that you are continually seeking ways to improve your services. You’ll be glad you did!


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