03 Feb Utilizing Your Staff to the Best of Their Ability

When it comes to running a practice, whether you’re a physician or practice manager, there are many aspects that should be treated no differently than running any other business. How you utilize your staff should be one of these!


When we get into the monotony of routine, we find ourselves going through the same motions without giving thought to how we’re doing things. This happens with staffing as well, in particular with what we expect from our staff in certain roles. We get into a routine of what our nurses do, our front desk staff, etc.  Taking time to re-evaluate staff, their time and responsibilities on a regular basis can be a huge benefit to you. Is your staff excelling in their respective positions? Maybe you know one of your nurses is capable of much more, but you’re just not seeing it from him. Perhaps you notice that one of your front desk staff shows interest in physician credentialing work.  Consider mentoring her in her professional growth toward greater responsibility.  


To identify these opportunities, observe your staff thoughtfully and intentionally.  What tasks do they throw their whole self into?  Where do they thrive when focusing their energy?  Take time periodically to “audit” your staff and how they are spending their time in their daily routines.  Identify where they shine and, if possible, focus work assignments toward those strengths.  Seeing your staff in this way allows you to see potential for future growth as well if advancement opportunities arise. .  

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