14 Jul Trends in Healthcare Payments [Infographic]

Our blog often focuses on treating the medical practice as a business.  For many of us, the patient care element is the focus and it dulls the otherwise sharp business perspective we may have in a different environment.  With this in mind, it’s important to remember that the customer (your patient) is at the center of any business transaction.  Keeping up with healthcare payment trends and evolving patient expectations is crucial to retaining their business and ensuring timely payment while maintaining patient satisfaction.  The easier we make it on patients to pay us, the greater likelihood that we will receive payment with less follow up.


InstaMed recently came out with their annual report analyzing trends in healthcare payments and breaking down not only what patients want, but what they are now demanding.  They put together this very informative infographic summarizing the most important and eye-opening statistics their research discovered. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we review and summarize the full report on which this graphic was based.


Trends-in-Healthcare-Payments-2016-Infographic *Source: InstaMed


Thanks to our friends at InstaMed for this great infographic! For their full report: http://www.instamed.com/blog/trends-in-healthcare-seventh-annual-report-2016/

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