26 Apr The Power of Employee Recognition

We recently read an article that talked about being grateful in the workplace. Employees experience a lot of emotions on any given day at work, but how many can honestly say that feeling grateful is one of them? It’s not surprising that it may not appear at the top of your emotions list, given the workplace stresses that we all deal with on a daily basis. If you work in the healthcare field or another public-facing position, then you understand how important it is that your patients and their families have a good experience every time they visit your office. Given this, it’s equally important that your staff feel appreciated and are being recognized for a job well done.

You don’t need a scheduled holiday to celebrate your practice and your employees. Sometimes the most meaningful staff recognition can happen at unscheduled, unexpected times. Celebrating birthdays, work anniversaries and other milestones means more than you think to your staff. Give them a card signed by the office, have an office potluck or order pizza for lunch. And, don’t forget the simple, but effective “thank you.” Although it may sound too simple to make an impact, employees that have managers who thank them feel more motivated to work harder, because they feel like they are being recognized.

Don’t underestimate the power of employee recognition. It just might help move the feeling of gratitude closer to the top of that emotions list.


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