23 Nov Thanksgiving Day as Told by ICD-10 Codes

We want to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope you all have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing holiday weekend with family and friends.  We present a story to you below of a less than ideal Thanksgiving holiday.  We certainly hope that yours is far better, but just in case you have some blips in your holiday, know that there’s an ICD-10 code for that!


Our story ensues with mom and dad preparing the Thanksgiving meal for family.  Dad goes to pull the turkey out of the oven for basting.  Uh oh!  Really should have grabbed the oven mitts instead of just those dish towels laying around.  Received a little burn from the oven while fighting with the turkey?  There’s an ICD-10 code for that!

T23.009 – Burn of unspecified degree of multiple sites of right wrist and hand, initial encounter

Y93.63 – Injury activity, cooking and baking



While mom and dad are busy in the kitchen, little Betty and little Bobby are out in the yard tossing around the football.  Uh oh, Betty doesn’t know her own strength!  Look out Bobby!  Oops too late, Bobby takes a hit!  Good thing there’s an ICD-10 code for that!

W21.89XA – Striking against or struck by other sports equipment, initial encounter



While mom and dad are busy consoling little Bobby over his injury, they don’t notice little Billy sitting in the other room with the dog.  Little Billy was hungry for dinner, but the turkey wasn’t ready yet, so he decided to help out the dog with his.  Uh oh, is there an ICD-10 code for a child eating dog food?  You bet!  However, the physician must make a choice – was this intentional?  Or was this accidental?

T62.91XA- Toxic effect of unspecified noxious substance eaten as food, accidental, initial encounter

T62.92XA – Toxic effect of unspecified noxious substance eaten as food, intentional, initial encounter



Dinner is over and the family is cleaning up.  The room is a collection of people, dishes, dogs, music – general craziness.  In all the hub bub, Aunt Bonnie slips on some dishwater and takes a spill.  Uh oh, we need yet another ICD-10 code for this Thanksgiving!


W16.322A – Fall into other water striking “bottom” causing other injury, initial encounter


gilmore girls - sookie clumsy



We hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful (and far better than this!)

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