11 Aug So many resources, so little time: What publications should you pay attention to?

Whether you’re new to the healthcare space or a veteran, with the abundance of information out there how do you know which sources are worth paying attention to and reliable?  We know you can’t rely on speroSays for all of your industry updates (it’s a pretty great resource, but then again we might be biased), so this week our Director of Business Operations is spilling all of her favorite healthcare information resources. Just like you, her schedule is packed and she’s jumping from one meeting to the next, but she always makes time to pay attention to these sources:


  • Modern Healthcare – This is an excellent resource for general healthcare industry news. You can sign up for free to receive email alerts and a limited number of free articles each month.


  • Medical Economics – This is a great source of information, and another publication that is free of charge. Sign up to receive email alerts for thought-provoking articles related to the business side of healthcare.



  • CMS related publications – It takes work to keep abreast of the many changes that come from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Visiting their website directly always results in a wealth of information.  In addition, we pay attention to Communiques for national and local coverage determinations and MLN Matters articles to stay up to date.
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