10 Aug Scripts for Improving Time of Service Collections

Few of us enjoy collecting money, and many of us are not good at asking for money.  However, this is the position our front desk staff are in every day.  We’ve told them they need to collect copays from patients, try to collect outstanding balances, and in some cases, collect pre-service deposits.  Most of us have probably told staff “what” we need them to do, but we haven’t gotten detailed on “how” we want them to do it.

We faced this in our own practice.  When the patient collection numbers weren’t where we wanted them to be, we realized we needed a different approach.  We came up with the attached scripts that we provided to front desk staff.  This focus and guidance on “how” to collect outstanding balances from patients provided staff with more confidence in the process, and as a result, we began to see an increase in time of service collections.

Click HERE for our Front Desk Scripts to share with your staff and start to improve your time of service collections!


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