20 Jun Revenue Integrity in the Electronic Era

One of the better developments of the last several years has been the electronic remittance advice (ERA) and software that electronically posts these files.  With the click of a button, the revenue integrityonce tedious, manual process of posting is automated.  There are clear positives to this technology, including time savings and increased accuracy due to less occasion for human error.

However, it is important that billing departments use this technology wisely and maintain their revenue integrity.

Billers still need to carefully review EOBs that have been electronically posted.  When a person is not working each individual line item, it’s easy to miss things like a new adjustment showing up that should be appealed, or a payor reimbursing at a rate greater or less than the practice’s contracted rate.  Take advantage of technology, but ensure that it does not entirely replace the important human element in the process.

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