Practice Assessment


We identify areas for improvement

Do you have concerns regarding the overall health of your practice? Is it time for a practice check-up? We can provide a comprehensive assessment that will help boost your bottom line and identify areas for improvement.

These services can be conducted remotely or on-site

Initial video/phone consultation

Phone call or video conference with managing partner to discuss concerns

Practice Cost Analysis

Review practice expenses for the past three years

Payment Analysis

Review payments to identify specific CPT codes, by payer, that are not paying appropriately

Labor Cost Analysis

Review payroll expense to identify the amount paid for regular and overtime hours compared to the number of patients seen in the practice

Vaccine Cost Analysis

Review payment history of vaccines

Patient Geographic Analysis

Review patient demographics to pinpoint customer hotspots and identify future marketing opportunities

Key Performance Indicator Analysis

Review of over 15 key performance indicators over the past 18 months to identify any trends adversely affecting the practice

Accounts Receivable Analysis

Review of accounts receivable to identify issues preventing timely payment of claims

Review and Analysis of Most Recent Billing System Reports

Review the standard monthly reports from practice’s billing system

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Survey for clinical and clerical staff soliciting feedback about overall job satisfaction, employer-sponsored benefits and their assessment of management effectiveness

Physician Satisfaction Survey

Survey for practice physicians covering compensation, bonus incentives, strategic direction of the practice and work environment

Office Manager Satisfaction Survey

Survey for the practice management team to solicit feedback on overall job satisfaction, employer-sponsored benefits and their assessment of opportunities to improve the practice

Written Report Detailing Findings and Recommendations

Report detailing specific observations that need attention, their importance, and recommendations for improvement

Access to Online Assessment Tracking System

Access to an online project management system that allows practice to track consultant’s efforts

Post Assessment Phone/Video Conference

Conference with managing partner to discuss written report provided to the practice

On-site Only

Review of Scheduling Process (on-site only)

Systematic review of the scheduling process to ensure all appropriate steps are taken to schedule patients properly

Review of Check-in Process (on-site only)

Systematic review of the check-in process to ensure patients are properly registered

Review of Check-out Process (on-site only)

Systematic review of the check-out process

Cash Handling Audit (on-site only)

Review of the practice process to ensure all payments received are appropriately handled in a secure manner

Employee Seminar on Patient Satisfaction (on-site only)

Conduct staff presentation led by the consultant to share the importance of providing excellent customer service and explain the impact it has on the practice

Shareholder Strategic Planning Meeting (on-site only)

Meet with shareholders to discuss the findings

Billing Office Process Review (on-site only)

Systematic review of billing office operations