12 Apr Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

A few weeks ago we shared a post about Imposter Syndrome, feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy, which can often prevent you from reaching your potential. But, what can be done about this? We recently ran across an article from Thrive Global that asked for advice from career coaches on the best ways to overcome imposter syndrome and they had some good advice.

Reexamine negative thoughts. Figure out what is triggering your negative thoughts so you can reframe your way of thinking. Focus on moments of success in your past and remember how good you felt at those times.

Take a break. Everyone needs time to recharge. If you are feeling low or doubtful, take some time with friends and those you love to lift your spirits and take your mind off the heavy stuff.

Let go of the fear. Remember that nervousness or feeling anxious doesn’t make you inadequate, it makes you human. Don’t confuse those feelings.

Focus on you. Focus on your strengths and values and who you are as a person. Reflect on your purpose and remind yourself of the true you.

Look for encouragement. When you are experiencing moments of self-doubt, reach out to someone you trust. Talk to them. Let them lift you up.

Focus on the positive. Replace negative thoughts with self-affirmation. Remind yourself of your strength, worth and success. Say it out loud and make yourself believe it.

Build your support team. We all have a group of friends, colleagues, etc., that we trust. Continue to build that network and lean on each other and challenge one another. Walk away from the negative people. They only bring you down.


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