14 Sep New Apple Watch Cleared FDA Hurdles

Some interesting news came out this week about the new Apple Watch that we want to share with you.  The device cleared an FDA hurdle in receiving clearance as a wearable ECG device. According to Apple, this is the first ECG device offered directly to consumers. American Heart Association president, Dr. Ivor Benjamin, believes “capturing meaningful data about a person’s heart in real time is changing the way we practice medicine.” In addition to acting as an ECG device, the Apple Watch Series 4 will also detect falls. If it detects a fall, it will provide the option to call emergency services from the device. If there is no response to the detection within one minute, the device will automatically call emergency services.

These developments with the Apple Watch are indicative of where the wearable tech trend is going with regard to healthcare. We’ve previously written on this blog about trends in wearable tech in relation to EMRs and the sharing of this data with healthcare providers. It will be interesting to continue to watch these trends and see how these advancements affect our industry.

You can read more about this development HERE.

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