11 Jan Monthly task recommendations to optimize your practice management

The beginning of the year is a great time to look at the year ahead and plan out how you’re going to manage your practice. As you’re well aware, there are seemingly endless tasks to be completed in order to ensure a medical practice runs smoothly. We’ve created a suggested calendar for some of the more important tasks that need to be completed throughout the year. This is, of course, not an exhaustive list. Consider adding some smaller projects in throughout the year to ensure you have a plan for evenly distributing your workload over the coming months.


Review the previous year and set performance goals for your practice and staff.


Review all of your job descriptions to see whether they need any updating (and always ensure you give yourself credit by marking the new review date!).


Review vendor agreements and assess any opportunities for cost savings for your practice.


Conduct your annual risk assessment and review your practice’s compliance plan.


Review your practice’s policies and procedures and make any necessary updates. Ensure you communicate those changes with all applicable staff and clinicians.


Review your managed care contracts. Are any coming up for renewal that you need to renegotiate? Are your agreements still optimized for your practice or are there other alternatives you should pursue?


It’s halfway through the year. Consider conducting a thorough look-back of your financial performance during the first half of the year and make any necessary adjustments to ensure you finish out the year strong.


Review your benefits offering for the coming year. Reach out to your broker for options and assistance.


Have all staff been trained this year on OSHA, HIPAA, and any other annual training required for your practice?


This time of year is best for accomplishing performance reviews of your staff.


Review any physician employment and shareholder agreements annually and initiate any necessary succession planning discussions.


The end of the year means it’s time to set the budget for the coming year. (Look at all that you’ve done this year!)


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