27 Oct ICD-10 Codes We Hope You Don’t Need This Halloween

Happy Halloween! We decided to take a break this week from our usual blog posts and make this one a bit more fun, still keeping with the medical billing theme.  Watch out this Halloween to make sure you don’t fall victim to needing these ICD-10 codes applied to you!

Everyone likes carving pumpkins at Halloween right?  Just be careful with your knife!  It should stay in the pumpkin only!  But don’t worry, in case you have a mishap, ICD-10 Code W26.0XXA   (contact with knife, initial encounter) has you covered.


A great enhancement to any costume is face paint.  Just make sure any face make-up is compatible with your skin, or else you might be looking at ICD-10 code L23.2 (allergic contact dermatitis due to other chemical products such as Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt. What are those you might ask? Face Paint!) at the doctor.

Hocus Pocus

Are you afraid of the dark?  A great way to spend your Halloween night is telling scary stories around the campfire.  But don’t breathe too heavily during those scary ghost stories or you might experience too much smoke inhalation (ICD-10 code J70.5)!


Hard to believe (maybe) but ICD-10 actually does include a code that will have you covered if you happen to be bitten by a vampire.  Hopefully no one needs code S10.87XA  (other superficial bite of other part of neck, initial encounter) this Halloween!

Gilligan's Island


Have a safe and Happy Halloween from all of us at speroMD!


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