31 Jan ICD-10 Codes for the Big Game

This Super Bowl will feature the first physician to ever play in the game. Laurent Duvernay-Tarif, MD will be playing right guard for the Kansas City Chiefs. Since he will be a resident in emergency medicine, we thought we might take a look at some of the off-the-field ICD-10 codes his future colleagues might encounter on gameday:

Quite a few folks invest in a better (well, bigger anyway) TV before the big game. Watch out when you’re moving it into place on the entertainment center!

S97.111A Crush injury of right great toe W20.8xxa struck by falling object


Before guests start arriving for a day of cheering (and snacking), it’s time to make the guacamole! Look out for “avocado hand,” though. There isn’t an ICD-10 code for this particular injury (yet), but here’s what we’d use instead:


Avocado laceration


Yes, that was a ridiculous call, and clearly the ref had no idea what he was doing. Keep that remote firmly in your hand, otherwise one of your guests might end up with:

throwing remote


Touchdown! While you won’t be flagged for excessive celebration in your living room, look out for:


Might want to lose all that confetti, too. That stuff’s slippery!

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