21 Jul How Would the ACA Repeal Affect Your State? [Interactive Map]

Working in revenue cycle requires us to have a fairly heavy reliance on a great variety of data.  I would go so far as to say many of us here at speroMD have crossed the bridge to being quite nerdy when it comes to data.  Of course, when we came upon this excellent interactive map created by the Kaiser Family Foundation, we knew we must share this with our readers.

Many of us wish that we could have a crystal ball that would provide some answers as to how the current healthcare legislation saga will end.  While we wait for this to shake out in Washington, it’s helpful to take advantage of the great educational material being released about the current state of affairs in our healthcare system, as well as educated projections as to how potential legislation might impact the status quo.  Where does your state stand with regard to Medicaid and the ACA?  How does it compare to the rest of the country?

Click here to explore the excellent interactive map put out by the Kaiser Family Foundation.


*Source: The Kaiser Family Foundation

*Source: The Kaiser Family Foundation

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