18 Nov How Well is your Practice Taking Advantage of Technology?

As we near 2017, there is a tremendous variety of technologies available to assist us in our daily lives, as well as our business lives.  Most practices utilize an electronic medical record, or some other practice management software.  Use of these technologies in and of themselves is great, but are you putting the technology to work for you in every way possible?  Oftentimes if you think “I wish the system could do _____”, it can, it just needs to be programmed to do the desired task.  Beyond our practice management systems and EMRs, there is also great opportunity for receiving electronic files and electronic payments from payors.  Here is a checklist of a few things to examine in your own practice to assess whether you could be putting available technologies to work for you:


Are you set up to receive electronic funds transfer (EFTs) from payors instead of paper checks?



Are you receiving electronic remittance advice (ERA) files from payors instead of paper EOBs?



Is there any programming you can do in your EMR or practice management software to save on staff time currently being used to complete certain tasks?


Not only can these things be time savers, but they also increase accuracy of task completion and security.  Questions? Comment below or reach out to us, we’d love to chat.

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