20 Jan How to Find the Right People to Work in Your Practice

Hiring is likely one of the least favorite tasks for many of us, but also one of the most important tasks that we do.  Employees are the greatest asset of most, if not all, businesses.  When hiring new staff, it is very important to find individuals that not only possess the necessary qualifications for the job, but also people who are the right fit for your organization.  You can teach people the requisite skills for many jobs, but you cannot change their personality.  You should aim to hire for an individual’s qualifications as well as their fit with your organization.

Here are some suggestions for your practice’s hiring process:


  • Be creative with your job ad. Bringing some warmth and personality to the ad for your open position will draw in different people.  Write your ad in a way that displays the character of your organization.


  • Conduct a skills oriented interview, as well as a behavioral interview. It’s of course important to assess a person’s skills for a job, but it is equally important to get to know the person you are interviewing.  This is challenging in the short time-frame we usually have to interview someone.  Behavioral interview questions are a good tool to accomplish this.


  • Consider having several people interview a candidate. One person’s perception may be very different from the perception of someone else on your management team.  In our organization, we have a few people interview candidates.  It’s good reassurance for your decision when the whole team is on the same page, and can bring elements to light that you were not made privy to in your interview when there is some disagreement among the team.
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