09 Sep How Dusty are Your Managed Care Contracts?

Springtime brings a different kind of cleaning – make fall the time you’ll plan to tend to your managed care contracts.  Many of us cannot put our hands on many of our managed care contracts.  Others have some in hand but haven’t looked at them in years.  Commit to looking at your agreements once per year.  Here are some of the highlights you should take a look at when you review.  These are helpful for general knowledge of your agreements and important information to be aware of when you decide to approach a payor to renegotiate.Managed Care Contracts

Be sure to look at the following in your managed care contracts:

  • Anniversary date of contract
  • Termination clause
  • Fee schedule and contract rate
  • Excluded services
  • Claim timely filing time frame


Interested in more details? Ask your questions in the comments below or shoot us an email to find out what spero has to say.

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