20 Apr Health Data Sharing Driven from the Consumer Side

Electronic health records are an integral aspect of daily practice for many providers, and virtually all hospitals in the US. Despite all of this data, we have yet to create an interoperability framework among the various EHRs that is acceptable to all parties involved.

Despite the healthcare industry’s slow moves toward open sharing of data, demand for this information may be driven by the consumer, or patient, opening access in other ways. There was an excellent article recently in Harvard Business Review co-written by David Blumenthal, MD, President of the Commonwealth Fund, and Aneesh Chopra, President of CareJourney. They made the point that an announcement that occurred in January has tremendous potential to disrupt the healthcare industry, but it received little attention. An agreement between Apple and 13 prominent health systems (including Johns Hopkins and University of Pennsylvania) was disclosed to the public. The agreement “would allow Apple to download onto its various devices the electronic health data of those systems’ patients — with patients’ permission, of course”.

The article provides a bit of history of past failed attempts by tech companies to facilitate health data sharing, and provides some theories as to how this latest attempt might affect the industry. It’s incredibly interesting to consider the possibilities that could be realized for population health through more open sharing of health data. Click HERE to read the full article.

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