18 Jan Has Value Improved in the US Health System Over the Past 25 Years?


For this week’s blog, we decided to revisit the Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker to see what interesting data they’ve been analyzing lately. They have a very interesting study they’re featuring that analyzes whether value has improved in the U.S. health system in the last 25 years. Their study sought to answer the following questions:

Is the U.S. generating better value now than in the past?

Has the value of U.S. healthcare improved relative to other advanced OECD countries?

How do factors other than healthcare affect how health outcomes vary across countries?

In short, they found that the improvements gained in health and mortality did not need to cost as much as we have spent on healthcare to achieve similar results. We think you’ll find the rest of their conclusions very interesting.

You can read the details on their analysis HERE.

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