07 Jun Finding the right fit for your practice

When a busy medical practice is short-staffed, your patients will notice. You know you need to hire, but you want to make sure you find the right person who not only has the qualifications you are looking for, but someone who is a right fit for your practice and for your patients. Experts agree that you shouldn’t just hire for requisite skills, but for personality, perceived work ethic and demeanor. After all, they will be working closely with your patients, so you want to make sure they have the social skills you need to keep your patients happy.

What are some other suggestions for hiring the right people? Here are a few:

Identify the ideal candidate. And then be ready to make adjustments as you start the interviewing process. Sure, you will have a job description that will include attributes for the “perfect” candidate, but you may find as you are talking with prospects, that maybe there is room for adjustments to your original requirements. And, that could be a good thing.

Speaking of making adjustments. Obviously a monetary offer is important to candidates, but so are a lot of other benefits. Think about what you have to offer your current and prospective employees and then make modifications, if needed. Flexibility, educational opportunities, a great culture, discounts on care and other services, these are all things that mean something to a candidate. And, you may find that you have to adjust some benefits to find the right person.

Consider having others interview a candidate. One person’s perspective may be very different than that of another. So, it might be helpful to get other staff members involved in the interviewing process. Especially since this new hire will be working closely with the rest of the team, it’s important they feel comfortable in working with this individual. They will also be happy that their opinion matters and that you want them to be part of the process.

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