11 Oct Engage Patients With an Online Portal

Health systems and private practices alike are increasingly turning to technology to bolster patient engagement efforts. Online EHR- linked portals provide your patients an unprecedented level of access to not only their own health data, but also increases their level of access to your practice. Most patient portals allow direct secure messaging, online appointment scheduling, online bill payments, prescription refill requests, among other features.

A recent study in The Journal of Medical Internet Research suggested that patients who utilize online health portals are 50% more likely to receive an annual flu shot, and twice as likely to seek out regular blood pressure checks, than those who do not.

As healthcare moves farther down the road to value-based payment, a patient portal can be an effective way to ensure your patients are receiving the preventive health services that they need.

Do you already have a patient portal at your practice? Check out these 12 tips from Physicians Practice on ways to improve its adoption and usage.

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