27 Jan Employee Satisfaction and Recognition

Did you know that this week is National Medical Group Practice Week?  Did you do anything to celebrate in your practice?

You don’t need a scheduled holiday to celebrate your practice and your employees.  Some of the most effective staff recognition happens at unscheduled, unexpected times.  Here are some ideas for employee satisfaction and recognition in your practice:

  • Celebrate birthdaysEmployee Satisfaction and Recognition
  • Celebrate work anniversaries and tenure milestones
  • Implement a “caught in the act” program. When you catch staff in the act of going above and beyond, recognize them with a note, a piece of chocolate, or a well-timed thank you
  • Have an office potluck or bring in pizza for lunch


These are ideas intended to be extra, on top of the regular recognition of your staff.  One of the most important things you can do toward employee satisfaction is to say thank you.  It’s great to say thank you to the team as a whole, but it is most meaningful when said to each individual.


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