18 May Customized Reports Analyzing State Health Data

We’ve come across another excellent tool from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) that we are excited to share with our readers.  This tool allows you to customize the data you’re interested in analyzing, including the ability to compare multiple different states on the same metrics.  You can view a sample report from the KFF page HERE.

In addition to clinical data, there’s a great deal of financial data and utilization data available as well.  For example, we ran a report to see how many children in the state of Illinois have been identified as having a medical home (50.2% as of 2016, for those of you who are curious).

There are numerous categories you can choose from.  Here is a screenshot of the home page for the tool.  There are several more detailed categories to choose from under these main headings as well.

KFF Custom State Reports

To access the tool and begin running reports of your own, click HERE.  

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