24 Mar CMS Delays Bundled Payments Start Date

The main healthcare news that has been swirling this week has been related to the American Health Care Act – the bill that, as of the time of our publishing this blog is scheduled to go to the House floor for a vote today.  In light of this consuming story, another very important piece of healthcare news did not see the same press it might have in a week without such a competing healthcare story.

As reported by the Advisory Board, CMS is delaying by three months the implementation of several mandatory bundled payment models that were scheduled to take effect in July.  The interim rule issued by CMS pushes the effective date of these bundled payment models to October 1st.  CMS has indicated they would prefer the implementation of these new payment models to align with the calendar year, and are considering delaying the implementation of some of these bundled payment models until January 1, 2018.

Analysts believe this delay raises questions about how the Trump administration will address the shift to value-based payments and the future of mandatory payment models.  A delay to 2018 could also have an effect on the incentive payments providers would be eligible for under MACRA.


For more information on this story:  https://www.advisory.com/daily-briefing/2017/03/21/bundled-payments

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