13 Jan 5 Things You Should Implement in Your Office in 2017

It’s only midway January, and not too late to implement some New Year’s Resolutions in your office.  We touched on some ideas in blogs throughout last year regarding practice and revenue cycle management best practices.

Here are a few things you should implement in your office (or at least consider) for 2017:

1. Credit Card on File

  • This is a great patient satisfier and will save your practice money on statements. We blogged about this topic more in depth last week. Check it out here.


2. Analyze Reports on a Regular Basis


3. Review Fee Schedules Regularly


4. Managed Care Contract Review

  • Review your practice’s managed care agreements on an annual basis. Is there a change in fees?  Is the contract still worth having?  Should you consider working to renegotiate this year?  Find out what you should look for here. 


5. Credentialing Double Check

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