29 Nov 5 ICD-10 Codes You Might Encounter on Black Friday

The food coma’s starting to wear off, and now it’s time to sally forth in search of some great deals for the holidays, right?

We found some ICD-10 codes that you might want to watch out for as the season kicks off:


Heading to the mall at 2 am seemed like a good idea at the time…

spinning top

Lack of sleep, crowded stores, the excitement, or that fourth slice of pie? Whatever it is, things might get a little spinny.


You’re at the store! Just make sure you make it safely inside. That new toaster is not worth injuries, we promise.

woman holding shopping bags

Put it back. No, really, just put it back, you don’t need five of them.


Decided to skip the madness like Kermit here? We like jumping in leaf piles too, just watch out for those edges!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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