5 ICD-10 Codes We Hope You Avoid This Fall

18 Oct 5 ICD-10 Codes We Hope You Avoid This Fall

ICD-10 is certainly a comprehensive diagnosis reporting system (to say the least). We explored the always-fascinating section known to coders as “External causes” and found some examples we really hope you don’t need to report any time soon!


Fall is the time of year for hot air balloon festivals. We hope yours doesn’t involve any V96.09 incidents!


The speroMD offices are a way station for migrating geese. On occasion, we find ourselves sprinting across the parking lot in order to avoid:


Who doesn’t love a piggyback ride? Be careful, though, because a W04 really isn’t the best way to finish off a fun fall day.


It’s time to go trick-or-treating! Choose your costumes with care, because a W18.41 would be a mean trick indeed.


Last, but certainly not least, we really, truly, hope that you don’t experience a W20.8- other cause of strike by thrown, projected, or falling object:

From our staff to yours, happy fall!

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